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Our Beginning With a Malaysian Heritage.


The Kerk family from Batu Pahat started a business selling crackers, cookies and biscuits by vans around various towns. 


Hup Seng started research and development to bring biscuit lovers the best biscuit one can taste. Hence, we started producing the Ping-Pong crackers.


The name ‘Ping Pong’ derives from the success of China being the champion of the World Table Tennis Championship that year. The crackers have been widely loved by Malaysians, leaving a significant impact across generations.


When we opened our first production plant at Batu Pahat over 56 years ago, we never anticipated what sharing our love of making 'Ping Pong' Crackers.



By this time, Hup Seng 'Ping Pong' Cream Crackers became Malaysia’s best cream crackers and it is exported all over Southeast Asia.


We built and expanded our production capacity to meet the demands of our biscuit lovers.


Hup Seng Group officially listed as Hup Seng Industries Berhad in KLSE.


Hup Seng Group Acquired the In-Comix beverage factory.


Today, our biscuits are enjoyed internationally by our consumers in over 60 countries. We have branches all around Malaysia locally.


The Kerk’s family love what they do in Hup Seng, we have gone through generations and we are constantly creating more delicious and tasty products to our consumers.

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